We process our deer products traditionally

We use time honoured techniques, developed by Asian medicine practitioners to enhance and preserve the vital active ingredients in our deer products. Our staff have traveled extensively in Asia to learn from the best processors.  We are registered with our local health department to provide you with the very best deer products from our disease free herd.

Farm processed deer products

Tip grade dried deer antler

Best quality sliced antler available.
최고의 품질 슬라이스 녹용 사용할 수 있습니다.

Premium dried deer tails

Deer Tails of excellent size, colour and density.
사슴 탁월한 크기, 색상 및 밀도의 꼬리.

Deer 4 Dogs pet treats

Deer for dogs treats are the perfect way to tell your furry friend how much you love them! Find out more click here

'A' grade antler

Our 'A' grade product is sliced from the antlers just below the tips. 
당사의 'A'등급 제품은 팁 바로 아래에있는 뿔에서 잘라냅니다. 이 제품은 프리미엄급 녹용 스틱에서 자르고 가장 안목있는 소비자를 만족시킬 것입니다.

Dried deer pizzles

In traditional Chinese medicine, a deer penis (Vietnamese: Lộc pín; Chinese: 鹿鞭, lù biān; Korean: 사슴 페니스) is said to have important therapeutic properties.


Deer deer tendon

Deer tendon is derived from limbs of deer. Tendon is a highly valued food and medicine according to the Chinese Materia Medica. Tendon possesses the function of strengthening tendons and bones, nourishing the liver and kidney and benefiting yang. Tendon is rich in collagen with a content of ~ 80%.

'B' grade antler

Our range of 'B' grade antler is extensive.  我们的'B'级鹿角系列非常广泛. Loại nhung hươu 'B' của chúng tôi là tốt. 우리의 'B'등급의 사슴 뿔 범위는 광범위합니다.

Hard antler

We have cast antlers available.  We can search through our extensive store to find a set or single antler to meet your requirements, or you can check out our online pieces


Venison is lean, green and good for you. Red meat contains iron, and venison has little fat. Click through to our venison web site.


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