Dried Deer Tails

Deer’s Tail (Lok Mei Pa): the best variety is thick, hairless, black and shiny, solid and complete.

Deer’s tail is a well known tonic for male genitality.  It replenishes the ‘Yang’ system, enriches the marrow, the kidney and loins; strengthens the bones and muscles and promote the flow of vital energy.  Deer’s tail can be stewed, either in fresh water or with chicken or duck.  Winter-worm summer-herb can added for better effect. It does not go well with wine.



Small Dried Deer Tails

These full, black deer tails weigh less than 30 grams each

Medium Dried Deer Tails

These medium sized dried deer tails weigh between 30 and 39 grams

Large Dried Deer Tails

These large sized dried deer tails weigh between 40 and 49 grams

Extra Large Dried Deer Tails

These extra large sized dried deer tails weigh between 50 and 59 grams. Chose gift boxing at the checkout to make a superior gift.

Super Sized Extra Large Dried Deer Tails

Super sized extra large dried deer tail weighing over 60 grams. Very rare, contact us for availability and price.

Fresh Frozen Deer Tails

These deer tails can only be picked up from the farm or delivered to Melbourne. Contact us using the button below for details.

Gift box for Dried Tails available

Our superior dried deer tails can be presented in a beautiful gift box. Gift boxes make the product suitable for gift giving, adding prestige to the product, the giver and the recipient.


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