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Deer are the only mammal on earth that can regrow an appendage – their antlers—each year

The deer has therefore, a whole range of hormones, nutrients and growth factors in the antlers that are unique to regenerating tissue. 

We harvest the deer’s antlers sustainably and ethically leaving each stag a small piece of his antlers which he can shed easily at the end of the season yet cannot hurt his herd mates when fighting.

The deer velvet consists of inorganic materials and minerals, polysaccharides, amino acids and other proteins, and lipids and polysaccharides. Of particular pharmacological interest are the constituents collagen and glycosaminoglycan, and prostaglandins. Epidermal growth factor has been isolated from velvet antler.

Some properties of velvet antler are

  • Anti-fatigue: Many studies suggest that velvet antler extracts have antifatigue effects with the proteins and polypeptides of velvet antlers the major anti-fatigue substances
  • Anti-osteoporosis: long-term velvet antler administration showed positive effects on bone mineral density, bone weight coefficient and bone formation parameters
  • Anti-inflammatory: In three independent experiments, mice treated with velvet antler exhibited significantly reduced incidence of arthritis
  • Anti-oxidation: Studies have shown the cardioprotective effects of peptides extracted from velvet antlers
  • Wound healing and regeneration promoting: a polypeptide from Velvet Antler of red deer was found to stimulate the growth of epidermal cells

Deer 4 Dogs velvet antler chips

These chips are a cool dried, raw and natural treat for your dog. High in tastiness and grain free, these antler chips can help promote joint health.
$35.00 per 40 gram bag (enough for one month)

Deer 4 Dogs Hoof 'n' hide chew

This chew contains everything needed to keep your pet engaged for hours.  Cool dried, raw and natural, this treat will be a favorite with your dog.  Has hair on for gut health.
$18 per pack

Deer 4 Dogs hoof 'n' hide chew 2 pack

These chews contain everything needed to keep your pet engaged for hours.  Cool dried, raw and natural, these treats will be a favorite with your dog. Has hair on for gut health.
$35 per pack of two.

Deer 4 Dogs Natural antler chew

This piece of cast antler will entertain your pet for hours. Contains plenty of calcium for healthy bones and joints, and helps to keep your canine's chompers sparkling. Medium sized around 100 grams; $13.00


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